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     The house cleaners from Highgate Carpet Cleaning Services arrived on time and did a spectacular job. I was more than grateful for all the hard work put in!
Leona G19/05/2020
     After our first child was born, we didn't have much time for house cleaning. That's why we hired Carpet Cleaning Highgate. They came in and got the job done in record time! I've told everyone that I know about them.
Greg Spencer20/09/2019
     I've hired HighgateCarpetCleaners a couple of times now, and on every occasion I've been absolutely delighted with the standard of house cleaning. Calling them means a huge weight is lifted from my shoulders. I don't have to worry about the price either, because with their company, it's always going to be cheap, well worth it.
Harry D.21/08/2017
     Most of the other cleaning services that I had hired did not do such a quick and efficient cleaning job as Carpet Cleaning Company Highgate. I recommend this cleaning agency to anyone seeking something similar. My partner and I were both left very satisfied with the way that our two bedroom flat looks. It is difficult to work and maintain such a clean standard within our home; therefore the best choice was to hire a cleaning service and this company was surely the best decision!
Jenna G.23/06/2015
     The most important thing I look for in a cleaner is their knowledge. I like to know that I'm hiring the experts, so that they can deal with any sort of stain or mark or whatever that I might need getting rid of. Thus far, I've only found one company who are able to handle everything that I have to throw at them. With this in mind, HighgateCarpetCleaners are my personal recommendation for being the very best company out there and will be getting all of my future business. Great service.
P. Williamson07/01/2015
     When representing a luxury, designer brand, we understand the importance of creating and enabling our customers to have the most decadent luxury shopping experience possible. We know that our customers love our brand, and they buy based not just on advertising, but also the shop experience itself. It is lucky then, that HighgateCarpetCleaners, our cleaning company, don't charge us a typically ‘decadent' amount to clean our shop. Service is top, and all the cleaners are talented and work well within a team. They could not do better work for us.
Samantha Y.04/09/2014
     I only get to clean my home during the weekends as weekdays are far too busy. I have a family, a husband and two young children but both my partner and I work during the week and so we only get the chance to spend quality time with our children at the weekend and do not want to waste this precious time cleaning the house instead. I decided to use HighgateCarpetCleaners so that I can get things done around the home without having to sacrifice precious quality time with the kids, using this company has given me more freedom and I'm also less stressed, which is always a bonus.
     Having your home professionally cleaned can seem like an expensive way of doing things, but in terms of your well being, I find it essential that I use one. The forty quid or so I spend on having HighgateCarpetCleaners clean my house is nothing in comparison the stress it saves me, in that I can relax in a clean environment when I get home from work. The place is always spotless when they come over, and I am very happy with the prices that they charge, as my place is quite big and can take a while to clean well.

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